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Discover Fear of God Essentials with Prior. Browse through our extensive range of Fear of God Essentials tees, hoodies, shorts and jackets.We are located on High Street in Auckland.

Who is Fear Of God Essentials designed By? + -

Los Angeles designer Jerry Lorenzo, designer of Fear of God, Launched a sister label in 2018 called Essentials. The purpose of this label was to have competitively priced garments that are Essential in fashion. The Label Essentials has been worn by many icons in fashion including Kanye West, Hailey Bieber, Virgil Abloh and many more.

Why is Fear of God Essentials so popular? + -

How does Fear Of God Essentials Fit? + -

Essentials is known for their oversized silhouette which are loose fitting and spacious around the body. We suggest sizing down 1 full size from your regular size.

How to Wash Fear of God Essentials? + -

Always refer to the wash tag found on the inside of any Fear of God Essentials garment as all items have different suggested washing methods. We suggest following the wash tag as accurately as possible to ensure your garment stays in original condition for as long as possible.

Where to Buy Fear of God Essentials in New Zealand and Australia? + -

You can shop a vast range of Fear of God Essentials at Prior with confidence knowing that every item, every time is guaranteed 100% Authentic. Our current range includes pieces from SS22, SS21 and FW21 with colours including Harvest, Pistachio, Amber, Stretch Limo Black, Taupe and Cream/Buttercream.