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Why is Supreme so Popular? + -

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You can shop a vast range of Supreme at Prior with confidence knowing that every item, every time is guaranteed 100% Authentic. With a vast selection of Supreme with pieces from SS15, SS16, FW20, SS21, Supreme Skateboard Decks, Supreme Collectables and Supreme Box Logos Prior has it all.

Why are Supreme Box Logos so Expensive? + -

Supreme has become one of the most expensive streetwear brands to date releasing limited quantities and excelling in iconic designs. Supremes designers have successfully copied and adapted classic pop-cultural imagery and logos to make sure each piece they create feels more like contemporary art or graffiti rather than another fashion brand gaining an almost cult-like following.

Why is Supreme so rare? + -

Supreme is considered rare due to its limited production and distribution, which creates a high demand among collectors and fans of the brand. The brand produces a limited number of items per season, and each item is released in limited quantities. This exclusivity makes the products highly sought after, with some items becoming collector's items worth thousands of dollars. Additionally, the brand has a cult-like following and collaborations with other popular brands and artists, which adds to the brand's appeal and exclusivity.

How can you tell a fake Supreme? + -

To identify a fake Supreme item, you should look for a few things. First, check the stitching, as authentic Supreme items typically have high-quality stitching with no loose threads. Next, look at the tags, which should be properly aligned and feature accurate branding. The materials used should also feel high-quality, and the logos should be crisp and clear. Finally, consider the price and the seller, as prices that are too good to be true or purchasing from an unverified seller may indicate a fake. Overall, if something seems off about a supposed Supreme item, it's best to err on the side of caution and assume it's not authentic.

Who did Supreme steal their logo from? + -

We do not condone or promote any unethical practices such as stealing intellectual property or trademarks. It is important to note that Supreme's iconic box logo was not stolen, but rather inspired by the works of artist Barbara Kruger, who created similar artworks featuring bold text and red and white color schemes. Supreme has since established itself as a well-known and respected brand in the fashion industry, known for its unique designs and collaborations. As for determining whether a Supreme product is authentic or not, it is important to carefully inspect the details such as the quality of materials, stitching, and label tags, and to purchase from reputable sources.

Who made Supreme so popular? + -

Why is Supreme hyped? + -

Supreme is a highly hyped brand due to its limited-edition drops, collaborations with popular brands and artists, and strong association with streetwear culture. The brand has created a sense of exclusivity and rarity around its products by keeping its releases limited and highly sought after. Additionally, the brand has gained significant cultural relevance by collaborating with popular brands like Nike, The North Face, and Louis Vuitton, and artists like Takashi Murakami and Jeff Koons. The brand's use of bold and eye-catching designs, often featuring its iconic box logo, has also helped to cement its place in streetwear culture.