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Nike dunk which made its debut in 1985 and ever since then the dunk styles were kept classic. Now being the most wanted and the hottest shoes, it's time to grab your first pair of Nike Dunks. Prior is one of the most reliable sneaker stores to shop Nike Dunks in NZ and AU. 100% Authentic, incredible deals, and the best service. Check out our collection now!

How do dunks fit? + -

Dunks are a little wider than your average Nike sneakers. This definitely makes it a lot more comfortable and a perfect fit for your everyday kicks! They're a bit more narrow than the Air Force 1s but wider than the Jordan 1s.

Why is the Panda Dunk so Popular? + -

Is Nike still making dunks? + -

Yes, since 1985 Nike has been making dunks which has been one of the hottest Nike shoe silhouettes. Now with their numerous weekly releases of Nike Dunks, the shoes have been widely worn by kids, adults and even seniors. It truely is a people's favourite at this time.

How much does a pair of Dunks cost? + -

Nike Dunk generally cost between $150 and $500 depending on colourway and size. But some dunks like Nike dunk low Ben&Jerry's Chunky Dunky which is one of the most sought after releases that Nike has done in collaboration with the ice cream brand, Ben&Jerry's are worth over $3000

What came first Jordan 1 or Dunks + -

Air Jordan 1 was released just months ahead in of Nike Dunks in 1985. It is not coincidental that they share simliar looks which was designed by a Nike legend, Peter Moore.

How fast do Dunk low sell out? + -

Nike dunks can sell out as fast as in minutes upon release. This of course is dependant on the colourway and sizes. Generally, Nike's one of the most sought after dunk low colourway, Nike Dunk Low White Black Panda still sell out in minutes despite their numerous restocks. This proves how popular the Nike Dunk has gotten over the years. But be in mind that Nike Dunk used to sit on shelfs before 2020 and was loved only by the dunk collectors and skaters.

Are Nike Dunks true to size? + -

Nike Dunks do fit true to size. However if you would like to insert you anti crease guards, it is recommened to go a half a size up to have that extra room for the insert and your dunk will still be comfortable.

Do Nike Dunks crease? + -

Yes, Nike Dunk is one of the easiest shoes to crease. Due to how they are manufactured by Nike, Nike Dunks crease alot after wear which can be a little frustrating however with a help of crease guards which we sell for only $19.99 at Prior, your Nike Dunks will stay in its shape for a long time.

Where can I buy dunks in New Zealand and Australia? + -

Prior. At Prior we have the biggest range of Nike Dunks in New Zealand and Australia. Our best Nike Dunk sellers are Nike Dunk Low Pandas, Nike Dunk Low White Grey, Brazilian dunks, Gym Red USC Dunks and Valerian blue dunks.

Are Nike Dunks comfortable? + -

Yes if you are walking about for an hour or two. If more, Nike Dunks would not be your perfect shoes as it does not consist of Nike's newer counterparts that support your walking.