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Where can I buy BAPE sta in NZ or AU? + -

You can shop a vast range of A Bathing Ape (or BAPE) at Prior with confidence knowing that every item, every time is guaranteed 100% Authentic. BAPE is restocked seasonally and generally always sells out so get in quick.

How does BAPE Sta fit? + -

BAPE Sta fits smaller. You are recommended to go a half size up to your normal footwear size.

Are BAPE Stas a copy of Nike's Air Force 1? + -

BAPE has been in a lawsuit with Nike since 2009. Going back and forth for Nike's claim against BAPE that the BAPE Sta is a copy of their Air Force. The infamous lawsuit continues until this date (2023).

Why is BAPE Sta so popular? + -

Is BAPE Sta Japanese? + -

Yes. A Bathing Ape (or BAPE) is a Japanese streetwear brand founded by Nigo (Tomoaki Nagao) in Ura-Harajuku, Japan in 1993.

Did BAPE get sued by Nike? + -

Yes BAPE got sued by Nike. Nike's statement in their lawsuit is "Bape significantly and materially diminished its US activities.”

Is BAPE cool? + -

BAPE is still one of the leading brands for fashion and streetwear. Most of their releases sell out in seconds, which makes the brand high demand.